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Here are some more thoughts and feelings on a variety of topics, some personal projects and the odd inspirational thought.

Laser cutting: what can it be used for?

While there is no doubt that the original tools used for cutting are still incredibly useful, the demand for a process which would be more efficient and safer increased dramatically. Laser cutting has become so popular due to its speed, precision and the fact that it can be used for a greater length of time.

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The Rubber Duck Club

No, not a gathering of like-minded individuals who share a love of bath accessories! In this blog, we look at the Rubber Duck Club, a virtual support network for those who want a little more accountability in their lives. 

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Debunking print terminology

Terminology used by printers and those in the business is very specific. What does 2 pp, 4/4, 160 gsm Conqueror High White Laid actually mean? In this post we dive into the abbreviations we received from the printers and translate them into English.

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Importance of video in 2019

Here at Gradino, we’ve seen a definite increase in the number of companies enquiring about producing videos for their companies and it’s easy to see why. Our dominant sense is our vision, which means our brains are able to process videos about 60,000 times faster than text. Having a video on your landing page can increase engagement by up to 80%.

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Three things that every poster needs

When producing posters or flyers for your company, it is imperative to keep your business strategy in mind: if the content does not match up with your message and does not have a call to action, it ends up just being a pretty piece of artwork. However, to avoid falling into this trap, there are three vital elements to remember:

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Meet Danny Jones: Getting creative with audio

Danny is a Manchester-based audio creative with whom we’ve worked with him for the past year and loved what he’s done. Here, we found out a little more about what it is that an audio creative does, and learned a few tricks of the trade!

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Meet Anne-Marie Firmin: Composing for projects

Creating a meaningful video which really speaks to your audience requires a multitude of steps. At Gradino, we are exceptionally lucky to work with some of the best in the business, so wanted to share with you how our colleagues have a huge impact on the videos we create. We’ve interviewed Anne-Marie Firmin who we use regularly for composing and writing songs for projects.

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Gradino – not just a graphic design company

Earlier this month it was International Stress Awareness Week. With technology becoming more and more available to us, our working days tend to get longer and longer. We ping emails out all day, mobile phones make it easier for us to schedule calls after work and the temptation to just do a little bit more on our projects is always there.

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Six Thinking Hats for Productivity

Here at Gradino, we love finding ways to be more effective and more productive. There are so many theories and tools, but recently, Kat stumbled across the Six Thinking Hats theory by Edward de Bono and loved it so much, we wanted to share how we have started using it!

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