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We create content that enables you to communicate effectively with your customers.

We are based in the beautiful city of Bath, UK.




Our Services

Gradino was founded in 2015 to help businesses present their key messages to their audiences.

We get to know you and your business and develop a collaborative relationship throughout to deliver video, animations, brand design or a product photo shoot.


Good presentation is the difference between engaging customers and missing out on those connections.

We design impactful brands, documents, packages to help you stand out.


Did you know that by 2020, 80% of all internet traffic is predicted to be video?

Make sure you’re not missing out. We can help you make an impact.


22% of returns occur because the physical product looks different to the version shown on the website.

We can capture clear, multi-angle, true to life photographs of your products in great light to keep your customers happy.

Our Projects

We undertake a variety of projects for clients, for us, and sometimes just for fun.

What does Gradino mean?

Gradino is an anagram of Gordian – cutting the Gordian knot is a metaphor for solving challenging problems by thinking outside the box. Gradino is also the Italian word for ‘step’ or ‘foothold’.

We create content that enables you to communicate effectively with your customers.

Geometry Puzzles

We worked with Catriona to published a book of her wonderfully colourful Geometry puzzles!

Laser cutting: what can it be used for?

While there is no doubt that the original tools used for cutting are still incredibly useful, the demand for a process which would be more efficient and safer increased dramatically. Laser cutting has become so popular due to its speed, precision and the fact that it can be used for a greater length of time.

How We’ve Used ‘The Artist’s Way’ to Try and Banish Self-Doubt

Banish the creative doubt with a 12 step program designed to ‘recover your creativity from a variety of blocks, replacing them with artistic confidence and productivity’

The Rubber Duck Club

No, not a gathering of like-minded individuals who share a love of bath accessories! In this blog, we look at the Rubber Duck Club, a virtual support network for those who want a little more accountability in their lives. 

Debunking print terminology

Terminology used by printers and those in the business is very specific. What does 2 pp, 4/4, 160 gsm Conqueror High White Laid actually mean? In this post we dive into the abbreviations we received from the printers and translate them into English.

When working with Gradino

You’re not just another client. We carry out every project with the professionalism and confidence of a large company and the approachability and versatility of a small, family-run business.

Who is Gradino?

The driving force behind the company is Kat, a physics graduate with a creative flair. Combining the logic and organisational skills of a physicist with her artistic talents, she embodies the Gradino philosophies of attention to detail and customer-focus.

Gradino benefits from working with a number of highly talented specialists who are brought in, when appropriate, to ensure the final project is polished and exceeds your expectations.

Gradino is ready to meet you and to work with you from the inception of an first idea to final delivery of the project.

Kat Agg

Kat Agg

Lead Creative


Tom Beavan

Tom Beavan

Web Developer

Emma Boatman

Emma Boatman

Admin Fairy

Sal Godfrey

Sal Godfrey

Social Media Coach & Blogging Expert


Dave Inglis

Dave Inglis

Cinematography & Visual Media Expert


Danny Jones

Danny Jones

Audio Creative


Rory Leeton

Rory Leeton

Developer, Designer & Visual Artist


Holly Payet

Holly Payet

Marketing & Communications


Let’s be social

We don’t promise minute-by-minute social media updates, but we occasionally share motivational quotes, work in progress and a handful of finished projects.