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We create content which enables you to effectively communicate with your customers

from the beautiful city of Bath, UK




Our Services

Gradino was founded in 2015 to help businesses present their key messages to their respective audiences through a consultative approach, ensuring a collaborative relationship is maintained throughout. Depending on the client, this may be through video, animations, brand design or a product photoshoot, amongst many others.


Good presentation is the difference between engaging customers and missing out.

We can design impactful brands, documents, packages to help you stand out.


Did you know that by 2020, 80% of all internet traffic is predicted to be video?

Make sure you’re not missing out. We can help you start making an impact, today.


22% of returns occur because the product looks different in person. .

We can capture your true product in great light to keep your customers happy.

What does Gradino mean?

Gradino is an anogram of Gordian – the Gordian knot is a metaphor for solving challenging problems by thinking outside the box. Gradino is also an Italian word for ‘step’ or ‘foothold’: we help you take that next step in your business communication.

Three things that every poster needs

When producing posters or flyers for your company, it is imperative to keep your business strategy in mind: if the content does not match up with your message and does not have a call to action, it ends up just being a pretty piece of artwork. However, to avoid falling into this trap, there are three vital elements to remember:

Meet Danny Jones: Getting creative with audio

Danny is a Manchester-based audio creative with whom we’ve worked with him for the past year and loved what he’s done. Here, we found out a little more about what it is that an audio creative does, and learned a few tricks of the trade!

Meet Anne-Marie Firmin: Composing for projects

Creating a meaningful video which really speaks to your audience requires a multitude of steps. At Gradino, we are exceptionally lucky to work with some of the best in the business, so wanted to share with you how our colleagues have a huge impact on the videos we create. We’ve interviewed Anne-Marie Firmin who we use regularly for composing and writing songs for projects.

Gradino – not just a graphic design company

Earlier this month it was International Stress Awareness Week. With technology becoming more and more available to us, our working days tend to get longer and longer. We ping emails out all day, mobile phones make it easier for us to schedule calls after work and the temptation to just do a little bit more on our projects is always there.

When working with Gradino

You’re not just another client – we approach every project, with the professionalism and confidence of a large company, but the approachability and versatility of a small, family-run business.

Who is Gradino?

The driving force behind the company is Kat, a physics graduate with a creative flair. Combining the logic and organisational skills you would expect from a physicist with her artistic and creative talents, she embodies the Gradino philosophies of attention to detail and customer-focus.

As well as Kat’s own skills, Gradino benefits from a huge range of specialists who are brought in when appropriate to ensure the final project is polished and exceeds your expectations. With plenty of highly talented individuals ready to work on your project, Gradino is ready to meet you and work with you from the inception of the first idea through to the final delivery.

Kat Agg

Kat Agg

Lead Creative

Sal Godfrey

Sal Godfrey

Social Media Coach & Blogging Expert

Dave Inglis

Dave Inglis

Cinematography & Visual Media Expert

Danny Jones

Danny Jones

Audio Creative

Rory Leeton

Rory Leeton

Developer, Designer & Visual Artist

Holly Payet

Holly Payet

Marketing & Communications

James Shaw

James Shaw

Graphic Designer

Let’s be social

We can’t promise minute by minute updates – but we do enjoy sharing motivational quotes, projects in progress and a handful of finished pieces with you.