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Meet Tina, a talented lady who has an ability to ease you into talking about dreams, hopes and flowers. Tina has started a floral design company and needed a bit of help turning her thoughts and collection of stunning photographs into a striking website. As Tina is familiar with Wix, we decided to continue building on

After an initial phone call, Tina and Kat met in Bristol and left with a clear plan for pages, copy and timeline.

Tina offers a mixture of workshops, private flower arrangements and weddings, each category needed its own page and clear presentation. We needed to have a simple way to book onto workshops so we opted for a contact form with drop down options as this is easy to use and easy for Tina to manage.

We are looking forward to seeing how Tina takes Tina & Co Floral Design to the next step and can’t wait to work with her again.

I had the most wonderful pleasure of working with Kat from Gradino on my website design. She produced a beautiful striking website fully showcasing my work. I can’t recommend her enough for her professional services and she was lovely to work with.
Tina Hesleden

Owner, Tina & Co Floral Design

Do you need a hand visually explaining what you do and why?