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Having plants surrounding you has many proven benefits, ranging from the aesthetic to the healthy. While some people may be put off by the perceived level of care that plants need, it’s great to have something to care for, without the pressure you might feel from having a pet! In this blog, we explore the top three reasons for filling your life with plants.

Physical health benefits:

Having plants around the house or workplace will bring physical health benefits. As we all know, plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, and more oxygen helps the body work more effectively. When you have more oxygen, you feel more awake and clear-headed, preventing that muggy, cloudy feeling you can have – especially on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon!

With the addition of plants, your immune system receives a huge boost, especially during flu season. They can prevent colds, stop headaches and reduce blood pressure, removing the need for medication and just generally making you feel better. Research has also shown positive results in helping patients recover from illnesses faster, so rather than taking grapes in to a friend or relative in hospital, take a cheerful potted plant to aid recovery.

Plants also help to improve the air quality inside. Homes often have higher levels of pollutants inside than out, since it’s easy to trap pollution inside as there aren’t so many opportunities for them to escape. Plants will take in these pollutants, making your home healthier.

Mental health benefits:

As humans, we are generally drawn towards green spaces and often, especially when we live in busy cities where they’re in short supply, bring greenery inside can have a similar impact. A recent survey has found that 42% of us say that being around plants improves our mental health, with this number increasing to 56% for those living in London. A separate study compared people’s reactions to two different tasks. Participants spent time tending to plants and working on a word processor, and felt ‘comfortable, soothed and natural’ after their time with the plants, compared to the feelings of being ‘uncomfortable, awakened and artificial’ after their time in front of the screen.

Looking at greenery or being around nature has been proven to increase your happiness levels. Plants release chemicals which can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and just generally provide a soothing effect.

Other benefits:

In addition to health benefits, plants can help to improve productivity and learning capabilities! The University of Exeter found that in offices with plants, productivity could increase by 15%. As well as this, our little green friends add humidity to a room, removing the necessity for a costly humidifier. This added humidity reduces pollutants and toxins and can help to improve sleep quality. Finally, one benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked? They just look beautiful!